I believe, that as a resident of this earth, we each have a role to play in our communities. And, I believe my role is to help others reach physical and emotional wellbeing.

Therefore, I spent most of my career working with prestigious NGOs both in Ghana and the region…until I found the ultimate path to help others find their wellness. Pilates.

I came to the realization that teaching a person how to breathe and how to connect to their own body makes an overwhelming difference on their physical and emotional stability. Hence, making a better world filled with happier people. So I co-founded P4 Pilates, to help others through mindful movement.
Like my partners, I have deep roots in Ghana with memorable childhood experiences. Yet, higher education took me back to the Middle East, where I pursued my university education and continued to work as a journalist, a Public Relations Consultant and a Communications instructor at one of the region’s top universities.

Thankfully, my choices led me to a decade long career in conflict resolution with the United Nations. Yet, like so many other ambitious women out there, with a young family and a busy career, finding the right balance was hard. Being overstressed, and suffering from back, neck and knee problems…I decided to make a change.

Along with my family, I moved back to Ghana in 2011 in search of my balance. And I found it in the physical and emotional mending powers of Pilates. I co-founded P4 Pilates, so that everyone can have the opportunity to find the balance that I did.
I was an early bloomer, at the age of 17, I fell in love, got married and had three beautiful children. At the age of 26, I decided to go back to school and pursue a university education. Between school, the kids, the house and my family I suppose stress took its toll.

I started gaining weight which lead to neck, shoulder and back pains. So I made a life changing decision. I decided I am going to focus on myself. I began exercising, and somehow through the grapevine I heard all about Pilates. After my first session I was instantly hooked, all my ailments and pains were eased and I felt good and strong.

Inspired by the results from the past 4 years of practicing Pilates, my dream today is to show how Pilates strengthens the body through the mind, so, I helped found P4 Pilates.
My story is a story of “Pilates and I”, it all began in 2001 after delivering my first child. I got a serious case of varicose veins, so serious in fact that I couldn’t stand for long periods of time. At that point I decided to make a change, so I signed up for Pilates sessions in hopes of increasing blood circulation. After a year, I saw no improvement, which left me feeling helpless.

Until I realized it wasn’t the art of Pilates that couldn’t ease my ailments but the lack of personal attention from the instructor. So I decided to connect to my own body and I started to teach myself, I became a Licensed Provider of Fletcher Pilates. I started doing Pilates everyday on my own. Using the mind to visualize my position and my alignment. The more I practiced, the more I understood my body. The stronger I became. And the more I fell in love with Pilates. Which lead me to teaching others with truly rewarding results.

Then in 2010, I decided to take my education to the next level and became a fully certified STOTT Pilates instructor. In 2013, life brought me here to Ghana where I was able to open a small studio and bring professional Pilates equipment and train each person individually, taking into consideration their ailments, goals and needs. And today I am proud to be a founder at P4 Pilates, a space where everyone is equal and everyone’s only goal is to be harmoniously balanced. Mind and Body.